Latest Episode - Happy Independence Day! Biden Goes Overseas to Trash America, Nashville Legend Jeffrey Steele Debuts New Music, Abby Johnson Debunks Planned Parenthood Lies

We open the podcast with a quick breakdown of two major Supreme Court decisions that came down on Thursday, one that allows for Biden to kill Trump's "remain in Mexico" rule and another that lessens the power of the EPA. Also, stocks are having their worst first two quarters in over 50 years. This should surprise no one, but it's yet another horrible strike against President Big Joey. Speaking of Mr. Biden, he spent yesterday trashing America from overseas and announced even more spending of your money that you haven't even earned yet on Ukraine. All of this should be scandalous, but our media doesn't seem to have time for this because, ya know, Orange Man Bad. Our "Woke Update" today includes details on the Dems' proposed "trans bill of rights," a Netflix actress praising her mom for aborting her potential sibling, and a woman with a goatee and a neck beard going missing in Canada. Yes, really. Our first guest is Nashville Hall of Famer Jeffrey Steele, who debuts a a new song with us - "I'm an American" - in honor of Independence Day. We need artists like this right now. Then, we speak to Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned-pro-life activist. She's among those who deserve credit for the big Supreme Court Roe decision. We get her thoughts on that and where she believes Planned Parenthood goes from here. She debunks all the lies.


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